Jerusalem - Future capital of the world

The 30 July 2020 is a day known as Tisha B’Av. Jews think of it as the saddest day in Jewish history as it was the day when the Babylonians destroyed Solomon’s temple in 587 BC, the day when the Roman legions captured the city of Jerusalem in AD 70 and the day when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 136 AD.
Today, Jerusalem is the centre of conflict in the Middle East as it is a holy place to Jews, Muslims and Christians. The conflicts concerning Jerusalem are a contrast to the meaning of the name of the city ‘Habitation of peace’.

So, will the city ever live up to its name?
The Bible teaches that it will and not only so, it will be the future capital of the world.

Click here to view a video of a fascinating Bible talk that tells us what the future really holds for the city and how that is relevant to our individual futures.

Click here to read a helpful factsheet which provides more information on what the Bible has to say about Jerusalem.




Why did Jesus have to die?

The death of Jesus by crucifixion is attested to by historical sources. This form of capital punishment was designed to lead to a long and painful death and our word excruciating is derived from the word crucifixion.
If God is all powerful, why was it that his son Jesus suffered such a death?

Click here to view a short video to learn what the Bible has to say about the death of Jesus and the wonderful hope that it provides for us.

The angels - God's messengers

Many think of angels as a figure used in Christmas tree decorations.
If you do, then you are missing out on the Bible teaching of how God can work actively in your life.
It teaches that God is active in both world affairs and in the life of those who serve Him. It shows us how they work and the understanding of what it has to say on this important subject provides us with enormous reassurance as we face up to the difficulties of life.

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The e-booklet ‘Angels – God’s Messengers’ provides more information on what the Bible has to say about Angels. 

One Bible Many Churches - Why?

In 2001 it was estimated that there were about 34,000 different Christian groups in the world. All claim to believe in the Bible yet In most cases the reason that there are different groups is that they don’t believe the same things.

Click here to view a video which deals with the question as to why this is and to learn how to find out what true Bible teaching really is.

Coronavirus protection

The government have extended the compulsory use of face masks as a means of helping to protect us from a second wave of Coronavirus, basing their decision on scientific evidence.
It may surprise you to learn that all the significant measures that are suggested be taken to prevent the rapid spread of this disease are referred to in a part of the Bible that dates back over 3,000 years. This provides further evidence that the Bible is no ordinary book but is truly the Word of God.

Being born again of the Word

The Bible is God’s Word. It has changed the lives of many who have read what God says in it, but how can a book that is over 2000 years old do this?

Click here to view a short video to learn how your life can be changed by the reading the Bible.

Heaven and Hell

With over half a million deaths from Coronavirus, many have begun to think about life after death. They may have ideas about heaven and hell as being what the Bible teaches but have never read the Bible to find out what it actually says.
View this video for a short introduction into what the Bible actually says which may surprise you.

Click here to read an e-booklet ‘’Heaven and hell’ that tells us more .


The answer to suffering

Our last post introduced what the Bible has to say about the problem of suffering. It showed how that God, through His Word gives us the answer to this problem.

We now look at the answer in more detail in the following video.

If you have not read it, click here to view an e-booklet on ‘The Bible Answer to Suffering’


The problem of suffering

The current pandemic has caused worldwide suffering. 

Click here to view a video for a short introduction to the subject,

Click here to read a free e-booklet  on ‘The problem of suffering’ that tells us more.


The Gospel Jesus preached

What Jesus preached is good news. This is what the word gospel actually means.
Click here to access a short video that expands on the good news that Jesus taught and that the Bible makes freely available to us today,



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