Would you like to know more about what the Bible teaches?

Much is said about the Bible but have you ever looked into what it actually says?
There are many different opinions as to what the Bible says. If you read it, you will find that it has a personal message for you.

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The Bible and Current Financial Problems

Media news reports continue to show how the Bible predicts many of the problems in the world today. Unlike the media, the Bible shows us the solution to these problems.
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Virtual Bible Exhibition

The Bible – learn about its history, its accuracy in predicting the future and its message for today
The Bible consists of 66 books.
By 40 independent writers, in 20 different occupations, in 10 different countries, over 1,600 years.
A cast of 2,930 characters, in 1,551 places.
Many different subjects in all literary forms – poetry, prose etc.

Do you know what the 'Gospel' really is?

Have you heard the term ‘The Gospel’ and wondered what it is all about? Would you like to know what it really is?

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The Coronavirus pandemic - could it result in war?

Media news reports continue to show how the Bible predicts many of the problems in the world today. Unlike the media, the Bible shows us the solution to these problems.
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Read a fascinating e-booklet ‘The Middle East and Bible Prophecy’ which tells us more and can be accessed free of charge.

What we believe

Here is a short video which will tell you more about what Christadelphians believe.

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Free Bible Magazine

You can receive a free monthly magazine that provides good news about the Bible vision of the future.

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You can receive the magazine either by post of email. It is completely without charge or obligation and is a contrast to the problems that we see in the world around us.


Would you like some good news?

The word ‘Gospel’ literally means ‘good news’. With news reports full of the problems that the pandemic has caused share with us the good news that is contained in the Bible. 
A series of Bible talks is available at the following links.

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Want to learn more about the Bible?

The Bible is a big book and can be forbidding when you first open it. A free online course has been specially developed that enables you to become familiar with the Bible and to gradually learn more about it.
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You can sign up for the course using the link below – you are able to ask questions online as you study but no one will contact you unless you want them to.

The Coming Kingdom of God

Do you think that the world faces many problems today? Would you like a vision of a better future, a future in which world problems are solved?

The Bible provides a number of descriptions of what will happen on the earth when God's Kingdom is set up. It shows that this will happen when Jesus returns and how that many of the present problems are clear signs that this will be soon.

It provides us all with details of how this can be our future - a personal hope of a future when all world's problems are solved.

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