Are you worried about Coronavirus?

The present outbreak of Coronavirus has seen widespread suffering in many countries as world governments struggle to find an answer to the problem of containing the spread of this disease. The hearts of all have been touched and many are praying that this suffering may be relieved. Most of us have never before experienced the fear that has been seen amongst men and women of its impact with supermarket shelves being stripped bare. Many others are fearful of contracting the virus which is said to result in relatively mild symptoms in the majority of cases but can prove fatal.
The name of the virus has been seen by Bible students as a reminder that God has a purpose with man. The word corona means crown due to the shape of the ‘halo’ that appears around the virus particles. However, crown suggests rulership and reminds us of the rulership of God in the affairs of men. As the prophet Daniel wrote ‘the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men’ (Daniel 2:32).
This reminds us of God’s purpose with the earth, when His Kingdom will be set up centred in Jerusalem. The vision that the Bible gives of that kingdom is one when ‘God shall wipe away all tears from their (men’s) eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain’ (Revelation 21:4).
In the midst of the current Coronavirus outbreak, the Bible gives a reassuring hope for the future to all that would respond to its teaching. There are good grounds for us to believe that the Bible is God’s Word and can be trusted to accurately predict the future. It teaches that God’s Kingdom will be set up when His son the Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth. When Jesus was asked what would be the sign of this happening, he referred to there being ‘pestilence’ (diseases) and that immediately before his coming there would be ‘men’s hearts failing them for fear’ (Luke 21:11,26). These signs are unfolding before our eyes and speak of a time when such problems as Coronavirus will be no more with the crown of world rulership given to God’s son to rule over an earth free of pain and suffering.
Read the Bible, it will show you how to share this hope. If you would like to learn more follow this link

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