What to expect

Going somewhere new to hear a Bible-based talk could be something that you might be apprehensive about.  The purpose of this page is to reassure you about any misgivings you may have and to explain what you might expect.

Firstly, we would hope that we would come across as a group of ordinary, friendly people.  In Swansea we are currently about 45 members of the ecclesia and attendances vary, with the Sunday morning memorial meeting being attended by most people.  There is usually a wide range of ages from children to elderly at a meeting.  Our meeting room in Swansea is fairly representative of Christadelphian meeting places; we don't hold with religious imagery or ornamentation like crosses so expect a simple, but comfortable, place which is ideal for studying the Word of God together.

All meetings start on time barring unusual circumstances and there is usually a period of quiet before a meeting starts in order for people to collect their thoughts; it's not a law, just what we're used to doing.  Traditional hymns accompanied by piano or organ are sung during our regular meetings (Sunday and Wednesday) but when we have a 'special meeting' outside of our normal schedule hymns are not usually sung.

Prayer is an important part of our religious lives and all meetings will have at least an opening and closing prayer.  We will also read an appropriate portion of scripture, either from the Authorized or New King James version of the Bible.  The president, speaker and people called on to read or pray will be members of the Christadelphian community, either visiting or from Swansea.  We don't have a paid ministry in Swansea so those who are able volunteer to participate in our meetings and services.

During our memorial service (where we remember the death of the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing bread and wine), baptised Christadelphians will pass bread around, then a cup of wine.  If you are visiting and are not a Christadelphian, then you won't participate in this.  Any of the members is willing to discuss why this is the case, it isn't a case of us being elitist, exclusive or mean.

The length, content and style of talks will vary, but are usually between 30-40 minutes long.  Sometimes we will show a DVD presentation and sometimes the talk will feature multimedia presentation.  Our talks will always be based on the Bible as the Word of God.  Speakers and everyone else in attendance will always be eager to talk to any visitor and discuss any scriptural topic.

The best way to find out what goes on in a Christadelphian meeting is to attend one for yourself.  Go on, God wants you to learn from His Word.