Farsi Translated Bible Talks

We hold a Bible Talk at 10:15am every Sunday before our breaking of bread service on Bible subjects that are part of the Gospel.  The talks are in English and a Farsi translation is shown on a screen.

Farsi Bible Study Class

We have a weekly Farsi Bible learning class in our hall at 1:30pm each Wednesday.  We view short talks which are translated and discuss the Bible teachings presented.


The Bible is God’s Word. By reading it we can discover the wonders of God’s plan for mankind.  It can teach us how we can be a part of that plan and what God requires of us so that we can look forward to His coming kingdom on earth.

The Bible in Farsi

The YouVersion Bible App provides a Farsi translation of the Bible. This is available for IOS and Android.  Of the versions that you can download the New Millenium version is the one that that many Farsi speakers prefer and is good for Bible Study.

Starting To Read The Bible

The Bible is a large book and the Old and New Testaments together tell us about God’s purpose, so it is important to read both. Reading a small section every day is a good way of starting.  The Understand Your Bible Mini Plan is a good way of starting.

Reading the Bible every day

As you become more used to reading the Bible you can then change to the Bible Companion plan.  Over the course of a year, this will help you to read the whole of the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.

Other help in learning the gospel

Learning the Gospel in 40 lessons – this course covers many doctrines that God teaches should be believed for a person to be saved.
Learning the New Life in Christ – this course follows on from the ‘Learning the Gospel Course’ but covers principles as to how a believer must live their life in obedience to God’s commands.

If you would like to start these courses, come along to one of our services at the Christadelphian Hall  Nicholl Street Swansea SA1 4HE (off Walter Road), or email us  on swanseace@gmail.com