The Christadelphian Office has been located in Hall Green, Birmingham since 1963. As a small publishing house they produce The Christadelphian and Faith Alive! magazines, and other books and literature, to promote Christadelphian beliefs and practices. They are pleased to answer questions about our community, its history, activities and ecclesias which are located throughout the world.


The Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society (CALS) was formed to draw public attention to the existence of a community of believers in Christ, calling themselves “Christadelphians”, organized in groups found throughout the world. Wherever they exist, they have a fellowship founded upon an agreed basis of beliefs. Read more about us and our beliefs here.

Further Links

Christadelphians have formed a large, worldwide community of bible-believers over the last 200 years. The websites below form just the surface of our online presence. Contact us here if you have any questions about our community or just want a chat.


Click here to view a complete list of  booklets from the Christadelphian Standard Preaching Series that you can read online for your own personal use. The copyright for these texts is held by the Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association Limited (UK).