We remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ every Sunday at 11:15 am., God willing, We break bread and drink wine just as Jesus told his disciples to do at the Last Supper (Luke 22:19-20). This is preceded with some bible readings, hymn singing and a talk.  Although you are invited to our meetings, the bread and wine are reserved for baptised members of the Christadelphian community. We welcome all visitors.


We hold a Bible Talk at 10:15am every Sunday, God willing, before our breaking of bread service. We have speakers from our meeting or from surrounding Christadelphian meetings where we explore various relevant Bible topics. We examine subjects like – life after death – the life and work of the Lord Jesus – World events in relation to Bible prophecy – Second coming of the Lord Jesus and the establishment of God’ Kingdom on the earth.


We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm, God willing, to listen to talks and to gain a deeper understanding of Bible truths.  Talks are by our own members or visiting speakers from within our community.

Our speakers share the results of their study on a topic that particularly interests them or, alternatively, they take part in a series of three to four talks spread over a couple of weeks.


We hold a small Sunday School for children ranging from age 4 to mid-teens every Sunday morning (9.00-10.00 am). Our youngsters are taught according to a curriculum that includes the whole Bible. Every year they put on a play based on the Bible lessons they’ve been learning throughout the year.

Children are a heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127). God’s love for children is clear from the passages we read in scripture. For this reason, it is a primary responsibility of Bible believers to teach children the wonderful promises contained in scripture.

In addition to Sunday school classes for children, adults can also enjoy the benefits of spending time together studying God’s word each Sunday morning prior to the Bible Hour.  This provides adults the opportunity to explore various subjects and books of the Bible as a group.

As Christadelphians, we understand the importance God places on children. Sunday School classes are held each week at 9:00am where children of all ages are taught the precious promises contained in the Bible. Each lesson comes directly from the Bible and often includes practical applications to everyday life. Lessons generally include a bible story, songs and crafts to reinforce what is taught.

The lessons cover the Bible’s history, providing the backbone to the story of the Bible and covering the major principles and doctrines which are essential for salvation. The lessons follow the Bible account chronologically, thus giving children a solid foundation to build upon. By following the lessons a child in their Sunday School life will cover the Bible at least 2 or 3 times, beginning at a basic level and progressing through more advanced levels.